From: "Bob Johnson" To: Subject: just a comment Date: Thursday, April 12, 2001 1:29 PM im really happy to see this this person is one of the people in our scene i truly had the pleasure of knowing i had seen him around but the first time i saw him play he looked so like he was in nirvana i was truly blessed again thank you very very much

From: To: Subject: Re: [Dynagroove] Len Sobeck Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 9:47 AM Rob, You are a great friend to Len for putting this web site together. Len was an extraordinary human being. Thank you for honoring his memory in such a beautiful way. Sincerely, Amy Ricketts

From: "sharon & leonard" To: Subject: Thanks. Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 12:26 AM Hi Rob, I have been putting this off for almost a year,so I thought that I had better get it done. Tomorrow will be the first so called anniversary of Lens passing,so called because I don't know what else to call it.And I want to take the time to thank ALL his friends, old and new,that were part of his life. Many of you came to the memorial,but many couldn't ,so hopefully this can reach everyone.I am NOT real good with names, so I won't even try to list all the people individually,just know we know and appreciate EVERYTHING that was done for him. THANKS-THANKS-THANKS !! Just want to share something with anyone that is having a hard time with this.There are 'Help' groups out there that can help.Hospice of the Valley has a 'bereavement group' that is open to everyone at NO CHARGE. So, please use it if you need it,want it,or just need to get your feelings out. I have,and it helps. And yes, I/we miss him . Later, Leonard .

From: Whodany Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 3:19 PM To: Poston,Rob,GLENDALE,NUSA Subject: damn... what a depressing story... I am doing a little surf the web charting on my DJ page... I have put your/Len's page at number 1 and currently I am listening to his music and getting depressed... well maybe those thoughts will help to focus a little more and not to waste time in our lifes... sorry that you must have experienced having a good friend go that young... tomorrow I will change my index page and also point at Len's page... have to get some sleep now... until we meet again Whodany

From: To: Subject: I miss Len Sobeck!!! Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 12:37 PM Hello. This is Rick Martinez (DJ Essential), from Phoenix, AZ. I was touched by Len's friendship, his zest for life, his love of music, especiallly House Music, and his talented dj skills. I met him in early 1990, when I was 21, he had to be only 18-19 yrs. old. He was working at Stinkweed Records (at the old Mesa location), and I used to come in to pick up the latest records by My Bloody Valentine, Ride, The Orb, Swervedriver, and Stone Roses. I didn't know anything about dance culture, until I met Len. He got me into UK artists like early Prodigy, Acen, 2 Bad Mice, Shut up & Dance, and SL 2's "On a Ragga Tip", remember? Then later, he graciously turned me on to Lil' Louis, DJ Pierre, Frankie Knuckles, Fingers Inc., and Aphex Twin. I used to see him & Eddie Amador play @ Club UM, Jumbo, The Tunnel, Chupa, and all the parties Tall Paul & Sloane booked them at. Then in '92, I got turntables, and learned how to spin. It wasn't until '95, that me & Len played together, back 2 back. That was at a Swell Party, in the acid jazz lounge room. It was awesome!!! Also, Len was an awesome acid jazz dj, along with Blaz. I enjoyed the times Len played for Hip Joint events. Then his House djing was inspiring ,and I learned alot from him. Especialy, learning how to build a se from a slower tempo 115-120- up to 125-127, then back down again. Never afraid of getting too Soulful, Jazzy, Funky, and he loved vocals. Then, on many occassions I saw him spin, when he'd make trips back to Phoenix, after his move to LA. He's been a very special part in infliuencing my dj carreer and production style. My production/label partner Saint (owner of Urbanite Recordings) has also been deeply moved by Len's life, too. On his latest Sambas record, he dedicated it to Len Sobeck. So, did I on my latest Universoul Expressions CD. I still miss him deeply!!!!! Rick Martinez (DJ Essential)

From: "Emile" To: Subject: my thoughts Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 2:23 PM I miss him .....his last days were the same as many others in his heart. He believed in the goodness of humanity and belived in the power of his music .I had so many experiences over the years with Len and I wanted to let you know that his passion and dedication has never left me . I carry it with me whenever I play , and remind myself of the sacrifices Len and so many before him have made trying to make the dream of bringing our world together with Music . I tried Len I am so sorry ...I called and was always two steps behind you during your last days ..I wish I could have told you that are my inspiration in my darkestest hours . My son Evan will know what you meant to me . Love and respect Emile

From: "Jessica" To: Subject: website! Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 12:21 PM Hey Rob - My name is Jessica Wagstaff. I'm in Phoenix, and I have fond memories of sets that Len played. I visited your site and wondered if it would be possible to get copies of the sets you have posted on your site. I am, of course, willing to pay for them. Please let me know! Jes

From: Rob Poston To: ALL Subject: Copies of sets Date: Friday, June 28, 2001 I have had the above question asked of me a few times over the past year. This is not really something that I can do for free, but I also can't accept money for it either. I have come up with the perfect compromise. All that I am asking is that you donate $25.00 or more to The Cancer Society. Just follow this link This entitles you to three CDs. I can fit just about everything on the site in MP3 format on three CDs or just send me an email ( with the three CDs that you want (one side of a tape is a CD). Once I recieve the gift card confirming your donation I will send out the CDs. My address is 4655 Kingswell Ave. Suite 203A, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

From: "Jennifer Craker" To: Subject: Knew him Loved him Rember him Date: Thursday, June 27, 2002 8:08 PM I thought it deemed appropriate to go up to this webpage today.......the memories do stay lit up like a flash in the night and the heartache does fade away with time. I remember hanging out with a friend at Rise here in LA and we talked about the admiration we had for people, who truly loved, lived and breathed house music.....that just threw their cards up in the air and moved to where they thought would fuel that fire inside. Just giving up everything else for this one passion.....that's what Len did with Rob right beside him.....they moved out here from Phoenix and jumped right in......LA was a lucky city the day Len stepped up to the turntables...... Len Sobeck lived to spread the joy to all of us and still does with just memories of him.....and these mixes.... P L n H Jennifer

From: Albert Diaz I agree with you Rob. Len was one of L.A.'s best and most underground DJ's. The sets he put up always rocked the crowd and his tapes still get play in my house. Vegas was some of my better memories of Len. My Daddy Don't Mind is an excellent tape and All night Long is very sweet. I can't believe it has only been 2 years because it sure seems like it's been forever. Anyway, if anyone has the chance to check out mixes by Len then hold on cause you will be in for a good ride. BTW thanks for the site on Len! Keep pushin on Albert

From: EhwazLaguz Very nice mixes!!!!!!!! Listening right now and celebrating his talent. Its a shame he gone..... Thanks, Madeleine

From: "Kevin" To: Subject: Len Sobeck 08/07/1970 - 06/27/2000 Date: Sun 6/27/2004 3:03 AM 4 yrs ago today, a dear friend of mine died at the age of 30. some of you also knew Len and the person that he was. for those newer to the scene, Len was a dj in phx in the early 90’s (one of the first dj’s that played house in this town). he then relocated to L.A. and continued his passion for music…. I guess what I remember the most about Len was that he was a kind man who happened to be a dj. his identity was established by his character and not his profession. he was not afraid to tell the truth nor would he compromise for the sake of notoriety. the person that he was far exceed the talent he had as a dj and that is why I remember him. ask yourself: “what will I be remembered by after I die…?” visit his memorial: Brother Len, I will see you soon my brother… kj p.s. on a lighter note: one time while visiting Len in L.A. he and Rob (his roommate) insisted on taking us to the “best Mexican food restaurant in all of L.A….” We ended up in this total dive in Silverlake. The waiters were all cross dressers that need a shave and a bath, the mariachi band was make up of out of tune Asians, the décor was this hideous mixture of the chaquita- banana-woman meets Moulin Rouge, and… the food was absolutely nasty…. we had a blast! I must say that joint in Silverlake was truly the “best Mexican food